"The cast of Dreamland is brimming with talent and handles this new musical with ease. By far the strongest performance of the evening is Shelly (Alana Gospodnetich) who is the foil of Mary. Gospodnetich fully commits to her character in every action and song—she’s a larger than life brassy vixen and we love her in “You’ve Got To Be On the Bottom To Get To the Top”. - Tin Pan L.A.

"Conversely, her go-get-'em cousin and fellow waitress Shelly (a delightful Alana Gospodnetich) weasels her way out of work, attends the audition, and gets the gig. This makes Shelly the star of the show - both within the story and on stage." - Broadway World

"The fine cast displays strong singing and acting talent, especially performer Alana Gospodnetich...who gives a charismatic performance full of energy and passion." - The Tolucan Times